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Shopify Speed Optimization Pro Pack

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Shopify Page Speed Optimization Pro Pack

Our mid-level package for growing & established stores. If you want to improve your store and speed seriously, this is your choice. What we will do for you within this Package:

  • 90+ desktop version speed (on GTmetrix & Google)
  • 75+ mobile version speed (on GTmetrix & Google)
  • we will never touch your design or features
  • including before and after reporting (comparison of speeds before & after)
  • delivery within seven working days, no effort from your side needed

Page speed optimization is one of the most critical factors for your Shopify store. Even Shopify states that "a one-second site speed improvement can increase mobile conversions by up to 27%". Here comes the link for this valuable source: Therefore we have created three different Shopify speed optimization packs. Speed optimization for Shopify stores is one of the most critical factors for your Shopify shop.

Book a free consultation call here.

100% guaranteed results

- detailed reporting before and after

- we use GTmetrix & Google Page Insights

Money-Back Guarantee

- if we would fail to deliver promised scores, you get your money back in full, without questions asked.


- from start to finish we will need approximately 7 working days

- we will update you during the process

- your shop performance will not be affected during our work

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Fusun Hofer

Speed has increased, I am happy with the service.

Kenneth S.
Happy with work performed.

Chopify did as promised, they cleaned up our website, and drastically improved speed and our bounce rate!

Jonathan Wolters
Fantastic experience

Our experience with ChopChopify was nothing short of fantastic! The page speed optimization elevated our website's performance. The team was responsive, and the results were noticeable almost immediately.

James W.
Undeniable Impact

Impressed with the undeniable impact of ChopChopify! Our website's speed is now optimized to perfection. The service was efficient, and the positive impact on user engagement is clear. Highly recommend

Gavin Smith
Delivered what they promised.

You get so many offers as an online business owner and most offers are too good to be true. This is one exception. We had a very slow store and now we have a very fast store simple. Affordable. And the service was responsive and helpful and honest. Based on my experience, I certainly recommend.

Rafael Dutra
Promise has been done and got me even more surprised.

I was first reluctant to accept, but after deciding to go for the service, to my surprise, my speed score jumped from 33 to 95 on mobile and 67 to 100 on desktop. They delivered even more than promised and I highly recommend their services.

Fantastic service and outcomes for us

We had a great experience as the team communicated incredibly well, worked super fast, and transformed our site speed and performance. Great job and HIGHLY recommend as they delivered a great outcome for us.

Martin Mahon
99 Score

Went from 61 to 99 - grand!


Score got so much better and I can see with my customers as well

Sven Lombecker
Alles wunderbar

Sehr zufrieden

How it works

We are an official Shopify Partner

We have 14+ years of Shopify experience, and we developed this speed optimization technique especially and only for Shopify stores. We only work through the official & secure Shopify Partner Network. Our Company is based in the US and Ireland. Furthermore, we offer a free consultation, a 100% money-back guarantee & detailed page speed reporting with advice for the future.