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All in it will take seven days. After a complete analysis, we will immediately work and optimize your page speed. We guarantee delivery within seven days & we also guarantee the promised speed scores, that come with each package, e.g. Pro Pack guarantees 75+ on mobile and 90+ on desktop. The tools to measure your page speed are the world-leading & impartial solutions from Google and GTmetrix. The same tools we used to analyze your store beforehand. This makes the process 100% transparent and impartial.


We are a full-service agency and have been doing this for a long time. Therefore we will literally need just one click from your end. We will do all the rest, from start to finish. We will also be there after the go-live to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Good question. We have an excellent solution for both cases. The first case would be a client who will not change too much in their store in the future, maybe just very few apps & custom code. For this client, a one-time solution, like the PRO Pack, is ideal. After our optimization you can expect the scores to stay high.

If you regularly change things in your store, add many new products, and constantly implement new apps and custom code, then our page speed optimization Subscription is by far the best solution. With our 89$/month subscription, you will never have to worry about your page speed again, no matter what you change in your store. We will monitor your store 24/7 and always ensure that your page speed score is high, automatically and in the background.

No, of course not. We will never work on your live theme. We will always work through the secure Shopify partner network and on a duplicate theme in the background. Once our work is finished, you will have the chance to review your theme, which is not live by then. After a thorough review process, we will go live together. This way, we ensure that the process will be very secure and smooth. You will also see the new page speed scores before we go live. Page speed can be measured on a duplicate theme as well. This way, you will know exactly what is going on, and the results are 100% transparent.

If you have never had a complete optimization, the first three months of the subscription are mandatory. We will have to optimize a lot during that time. After that, you can cancel anytime, but why would you :-). You will see your new scores after 7 days, and you will enjoy the newfound performance of your store. This is why clients stay with us long-term, we don't have to force anything...

Yes, sometimes. If slots are available and we are not fully booked, we do offer discounts. Please contact us.

Our company ChopChopify is based in Delaware, US. We also have offices in Cork, Ireland. We will always and only work through the official Shopify partner network.

Our parent organisation (CAPE Consulting & Companies LLC) and its founder have been with Shopify since 2008. 

No, functionality and design will not be touched. Your store will look and behave the same. It will just be a lot faster.


Very simple: If we can't reach the promised page speed scores, you will get your money back. Example: For the PRO Pack, we will guarantee a speed score of 75+ on mobile and 90+ on desktop, measured with the tool of your choice: Google Page Speed Insights or GTmetrix. We love how transparent our business is. It's a clear promise and a precise result. Numbers don't lie.