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Speed has increased, I am happy with the service.

Happy with work performed.

Chopify did as promised, they cleaned up our website, and drastically improved speed and our bounce rate!

Shopify Page Speed Subscription

Fantastic experience

Our experience with ChopChopify was nothing short of fantastic! The page speed optimization elevated our website's performance. The team was responsive, and the results were noticeable almost immediately.

Undeniable Impact

Impressed with the undeniable impact of ChopChopify! Our website's speed is now optimized to perfection. The service was efficient, and the positive impact on user engagement is clear. Highly recommend

Delivered what they promised.

You get so many offers as an online business owner and most offers are too good to be true. This is one exception. We had a very slow store and now we have a very fast store simple. Affordable. And the service was responsive and helpful and honest. Based on my experience, I certainly recommend.

Promise has been done and got me even more surprised.

I was first reluctant to accept, but after deciding to go for the service, to my surprise, my speed score jumped from 33 to 95 on mobile and 67 to 100 on desktop. They delivered even more than promised and I highly recommend their services.

Site speed

I got great result. They also fixed issue, with photo opening. They works great

Great Results & Service

I was skeptical at first that Jamie said they could increase our speed of our site to numbers we had not seen in a while. I have used other developers and services and a month later back to being slow. Amazing results with Jamie great at answering any questions we have in a timely manner. I know longer have to worry about speed issues as chopchopify take care of it. Overall I totally recommend as a must have.

Fantastic service and outcomes for us

We had a great experience as the team communicated incredibly well, worked super fast, and transformed our site speed and performance. Great job and HIGHLY recommend as they delivered a great outcome for us.

Shopify Page Speed Subscription
Christian from Solana
Very happy

I've had my subscription now for over 3 months and I am very content with it. Thank you for this great service, results and supervision.


Totally worth the money..great communication, real results and amazing speed. Great to have them as partners ongoing to keep my site performing as expected and needed.

Excellent service. My page is faster and they delivered quick and great quality. Thank you, I will come back for subscribtion

99 Score

Went from 61 to 99 - grand!


Score got so much better and I can see with my customers as well

Alles wunderbar

Sehr zufrieden

tout fonctionne très bien


I recommend the subscription, great value for money

Mind at ease

Every time I changed my theme or added new apps my score was decreasing again but since I have the subscription I do not need to worry about it anymore. Worth every penny!

Core Web Vitals Pack
Anna V
Pleasure to work with

David and his team have been great at communicating with us on the work being done and how we can proceed in a way that our site stays ahead of Google updates.

I was struggling with previous company who did terrible job for me but ChopChopify is very amazing at what they do. Even cheaper than my last guy and they get the job done and so professionaly. will never change again.


I am very happy with my subscription. I start with premium package and then I wanted the subscription to save money and is working very nice.

Very good

Makes so much sense for our business and we do not need to worry now every time we install or change new things, thank you for this veery good service.

Page Spee at 87 (from 22)

As a small business owner, I couldn't afford to have a slow website. ChopChopify helped me improve my website's performance, and I've seen a noticeable increase in my online sales.