Why your Shopify Page Speed is crucial

Why Shopify Page Speed is Crucial for Success

Having an amazing product and brand identity should be enough to get the attention of potential customers and sell your products, right? It is not. There are numerous Shopify shops that look incredible, offering breathtaking experiences or products but do not convert into sales. Often, this can be tracked down to page speed. The speed of your Shopify pages directly influences your conversion rates, search engine rankings, and the return of customers. 

Shopify Recommends Page Speed Improvement

Shopify itself states that the speed of your E-commerce shop is key to success. Several statistics prove that conversion rates and bounce rates can be directly linked to page speed.  
Did you know that 70% of potential customers use mobile phones to do their shopping? This indicates how big your potential customer base could be.

According to Google, you can increase your mobile conversions with just a one-second site speed improvement up to 27%.

Speed makes Customers Happy

It has also been proven that customers who are unsatisfied with the shopping experience on a site, often regarding page speed loading, will be much less likely to return to your business. A satisfying shopping experience that is highly influenced by page speed can almost guarantee your customers coming back. Imagine one of your potential customers sitting in the bus and browsing through your shop, but the images or sites won't load within the time people are used to nowadays.

Is Patience a Virtue?

The loading site of an e-Commerce shop should not be longer than two seconds. If the site takes longer than two seconds to fully load, the bounce rate will be skyrocketing and approximately 40% of your customers will abandon the thought of purchasing something through your site, or even just browsing through it. Patience is a virtue, but not for e-Commerce customers.

Google and Page Speed 

Another crucial factor is your Google ranking. Maybe you spent a lot of time and money to improve your potential ranking on Google. You integrated a lot of SEO and were hoping to pop up in the popular search engine when customers type in your relevant keywords? This will not happen unless your page speed is sufficient. Site speed is one of the main factors for Google ranking your Shopify shop. Google states that faster sites will be ranked higher than slower sites. 

Understanding Your Site Speed

The crowd of people who know or do not know about the page speed importance can be divided into half. Many of our clients come to us and already know about their problems. Their customers sometimes complain about the time it takes to load the pages of their shop or they have trouble completing an online purchase via the mobile version. Those shop owners often already tried to solve this problem with their own IT staff, and developers but are not able to improve the page speed at all or at least not sufficiently. The improvement of Shopify speed is a very in-depth niche of programming and must be done by absolute experts who often only specialize in speed optimization only. 
The other half of our clients often do not know about either the importance of site speed or are not aware that their site is loading too slow. Oftentimes a shop owner sees their page loading very quickly since they visit their own page regularly and their browser saves the site data in its cache and loads the contents from there which results in a faster loading time than an actual customer would experience. 
We have several customers from all kinds of branches who were able to improve their conversion rates after the page speed improvement. Of course, page speed alone is not the only key to success and not a guarantee for sales, but it is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to customer experience and technical know-how. 
Read our article about page speed improvement to find out how we can help you. 

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