the importance of Shopify Page Speed Optimization

The Importance of Shopify Page Speed Optimization

Shopify shop speed is a common problem, that almost all Shopify stores are experiencing, but almost nobody knows, that they do. The easiest way to measure your Shopify shop page speed is through third-party tools like GTmetrix or Google Page insights. These tools give you an objective and very detailed analysis of your store's performance and you will not like, what you see when you have never optimized your store before. Here are the links to these two tools, just type in your store's address and they will analyse your shop speed within minutes:


Google Page insights:

You will see your current Shopify page speed score on both sites and it's important to understand, that you have two scores: one is for your mobile site and another one is for your desktop version. It's wise to focus on your mobile version's performance, but your desktop versions should also be in the 80s of 100. When you never took care of your Shopify speed score, you will probably be ranking between 20-50 of 100 possible points. This is a normal starting ground for a thorough further and deeper analysis of your store and this is definitely the moment where you should add some experience to the table. 

Generally, it is possible to bring a Shopify speed score from 5 to 95, if you know, what to do. We will talk about the reasons for a slow Shopify shop page speed in another blog post soon because there are several and severe reasons, why your store might be lacking shop speed. Let's talk about the solution to this very crucial problem. Once you verified, that your Shopify store only has a speed of 5 to 50 of 100 on desktop or mobile, you need to act. Your shop performance directly correlates to your shop's success. Shopify states itself on their blog post: "A one-second site speed improvement can increase the conversion by up to 27%". Source:

Imagine that! Furthermore, they state, that the Shopify site speed directly affects your conversion rate and your google ranking. These are only the main reasons why site speed is so important for Shopify stores, in fact, the page speed is maybe the most important factor for the total outcome.

So, what can you do to improve your Shopify store speed quickly, securely and long-term? First of all, don't stress out, almost all Shopify shops have this problem at one time, so it's totally normal. You can schedule a free analysis call with our Shopify speed optimization experts and we will have a look at your current situation and will help to solve this issue hands-on and in a short time frame. We are an official Shopify partner with offices in the US and Ireland. We build Shopify stores since 2008 and we have optimized countless stores since then. We specialized in Shopify speed optimization, because we developed these skills over the last 14+ years and we have seen, what a profound impact this speed optimization has on a Shopify store. We have created three different packages for all needs and all situations, you can find them here:

Within 7 days we will attack all the underlying problems, that prevented your store from reaching its full potential. We guarantee the promised scores, measured on third-party and objective sites from GTmetrix and Google. We also give a money-back guarantee, if we can't deliver, what we promised. If you are unsure which package to choose, you can book a free call here:

Let's speed up your Shopify store page speed together in no time and put your store in the. best possible position for further success.

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