How to improve your Shopify speed score

ChopChopify – How to improve your Shopify Speed Score

As a multiple e-commerce store owner who has been in business for more than 20 years, I know the importance of having a fast website. The speed of your pages and shop is crucial for retaining customers and improving conversions – especially nowadays, where the competition in e-commerce is much higher than a few years ago. 

With Shopify, many different factors can affect the speed of your website – from the size of your images to the complexity of your theme, the code and many more. Unfortunately, many people out there claim that they can easily improve your speed score and do not deliver up to their promises in the end. Almost every one of my clients has reported this issue to me. My team and I are specialized in the niche of optimizing Shopify speed scores since the very early days of Shopify. Therefore, I am 100% confident about the skills of my team, and I can guarantee my clients that I will deliver the desired and promised results. 

Recently, one of my clients came to me for help optimizing their Shopify website. They were experiencing slow page load times and were concerned that it negatively affected their customer experience. After discussing their concerns and evaluating their website with a detailed page speed report, I recommended our PRO package to improve their website speed. The client has already engaged two companies and three freelancers to optimize his store, but all of them could not improve the score significantly — but they still charged him the full price. I reassured my client that I guaranteed all my clients a specific speed score, and if I did not match this score, he wouldn’t need to pay – that's how confident I am about our capabilities regarding speed optimizations. 

This client had numerous images, apps and spaghetti code, which slowed down his store immensely. Furthermore, we could see in the backend that some of the companies hired to improve his score messed it up even more and made some shady changes to his code. 

When we got to work, firstly, we optimized his images by compressing them and reducing their file size. Large, high-resolution images can significantly slow down page load times, which is a critical step in improving website speed. We also minified their CSS and JavaScript files, which involves removing any unnecessary characters or whitespace in the code. This makes the code more efficient and allows it to load more quickly.

Another key optimization we made for him was removing unused or unnecessary apps and code from their website. Shopify has many different apps and features, but not all are necessary or beneficial for every website. By streamlining their website and removing any unnecessary code, we improved their website speed and reduced page load times. Besides those areas, many more needed to be fixed to improve his score, but let's not get into any more details. After all, you hire us to get the job done, and the business of optimizing page speeds can be rather complicated, which is why industry experts are needed.

After implementing several optimizations, we re-evaluated the client's website speed using tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix. The results were fantastic, with their website speed improving significantly. Their page load times were much faster, and they were thrilled with the positive results.

In addition to the technical improvements, we also provided some ongoing maintenance and optimization recommendations, like our subscription. Since this client was continuously improving his website due to his large business, we recommended that we continue to optimize their page, monitor their page 24/7 and keep their code streamlined to ensure that their website was always up-to-date and running smoothly.

Ultimately, our client was delighted with the positive results of our Shopify speed optimization services. Their website is much faster and provides an improved user experience for their customers. As an e-commerce store owner, I know that investing in website speed optimization can significantly impact your business, and it's crucial to be done if you're experiencing slow page load times or a high bounce rate. Imagine a car with a broken engine – would you drive that car, and if you would, for how long? Let us help you today! 

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